The benefits of storytelling to kids

Storytelling time can become an important part of a child’s bedtime routine.
Routine and familiarity has many benefits.

  • Structure and repetition becomes very comforting for a child and eventually your child will always look forward to their story telling time.
  • What’s better is that they will learn that it is a cue for bed time, so will naturally become more calm and quiet ready for bed.

In my book Sleepy Magic I share with you ways you can develop a ritual that calms and prepares your child for sleep, connects and strengthens your relationship as well as teaching them to have a strong sense of well being, confidence and inner harmony.
Sleepy Magic changed our household, and when my boys asked me to teach dad I knew this was bigger than just my family. Why does Sleepy Magic work so well? One of the secret ingredients is the repetitiveness of it. There are five steps, and we do the five steps every night.

Here are some of the strategies I tried and tested to help get your kids ready for bedtime more effectively

  1. Develop a routine that makes your children look forward to story telling
  2. Create a sense of security and safety around bedtime and sleep
  3. Help your kids develop a breathing technique so they feel calm and comfortable which helps them prepare to fall asleep. When I do this with my children they know not to talk or fidget.
  4. Create a nurturing and calm environment that helps them relax and feel peaceful for a good nights sleep. This will help them to associate these times as special times.

Please feel free to share!  And if you would like more info on what’s inside Sleepy Magic go here.

Author: Danielle Wright

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