Sleepy Magic School

I had an indescribable feeling that the Sleepy Magic book was bigger than me.

That it had potency and potential beyond what I could imagine. That it could, perhaps, change the world – one Sleepy Magic Kid at a time…

When I started to write the book, I got involved with a charity called Room to Read, who have helped 16.6 million children receive an education… and boy, it’s been a whirlwind of heart-swelling proportions ever since!

In March 2017 – after two years of fundraising – we reached our goal, raising enough money to build a school in Nepal. It was one of my proudest achievements and a moment I will never forget. The Sleepy Magic School has been built and is now full of beautiful children getting their primary education. Whoa hoo!!!

One year later in April 2018 my husband and two sons, age 8 and 12, and I made the journey to a small village outside Nepalgunj, Nepal, 615km from Kathmandu, to visit the Sleepy Magic School. With the help of our Room to Read representative and interpreter, Gouri, we were warmly welcomed by the teachers and students with flowers, cultural blessings and hugs. Parents and even a government official took part in the special day.

We were so thrilled to see the library stocked with over 3,000 books written in their native language. Even some of the beautiful children showed off their impressive reading abilities. It was a life changing event for my two boys to see just how you can make a huge difference to the life of individuals, families and communities halfway across the globe with one crazy, passionate dream. Many joyful tears were shed by all!!