Soul Paintings

The Rewilding Love Project was both a calling to tap into and capture the essence of 19 beautiful women in paint on canvas and to tap into my own intuitive creative process.

I got to gift a painting rich with colour, texture and nature to each woman. Each woman gifted back to me an understanding of the symbols, messages and stories revealed on the canvas.

And now the process is opening to include you.

Are you ready to embark on a unique, creative and energetic process – one that will call your Highest Self forward to be seen, celebrated and reflected on?

I paint as you are, layer upon layer: from soul to skin and all that lies between and beyond. 

Intuitively guided, I reflect You back, in all your beauty, for you to witness and receive, to share or keep sacred to yourself. The canvas becomes your talisman, your compass, your reminder when you need it.