Co-conceived with Deni Ayre, Wild Spirit Play
Soulpaint Retreat – Chakra Paint March 18th-22nd 2020
Byron Bay 

Do you sometimes feel that life has lost its colour?

Do you wonder where your spark has disappeared to?

What if you could rediscover who you were
BEFORE responsibility and self sacrifice
became your way of living?

What if you could jump out of confines of your life and discover a whole new level of being YOU?

At SOULPAINT you will:

  • Discover your creative core
  • Tap into your purpose of BEING
  • Feel freedom to be YOURSELF in a whole new way
  • Rediscover parts of YOU that you have forgotten are there
  • Release layers of judgement, fear, anxiety and doubt
  • Bring back passion, joy and COLOUR to your life

Let's Paint