My process

My process starts as a simple act of celebrating the beauty of the natural world and finishes as a unique visual expression of fine art that is complex, ethereal, and otherworldly.

Each piece begins outside with many curious hours spent wandering with no agenda other than exploring my relationship and connection with nature. All five senses come alive, and my attention turns from the vastness of the macro to the intimacy of the micro. Some organics I capture are magnificent, already pieces of art. Others appear simple, even ordinary, but upon closer investigation, are tiny worlds of the extraordinary.

While in my studio, I play with various mediums like painting on canvas, paper, and organic objects collected from my walks. Also, I explore different techniques and mark – making with pens, pencils, charcoal, inks, spray paint, etc. These creative exercises, experiments, and textures become the many layers behind the final digital artworks giving them their dreamy, painterly and mystical look and feel.

I believe that a mix of intuition, curiosity and patience will always carry my art into new and sometimes unexpected places.