My heart aches for Nepal

I am in tears of sadness this morning.

I have been in a remote part of Australia and have just seen the news about this devastating news of a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake in Nepal.  This is where we are working so hard to raise the funds for our Sleepy Magic School (if you haven’t read up about our project go to The Gold Light Project)

The reports I am hearing are that the death toll exceeds 1,300 people and this will rise, 18 climbers were found dead after a avalanche was triggered, others are trapped.  Dozens of buildings have collapsed –  this means schools. God knows how many families had to sleep on the street last night and will continue to do so because there is nowhere to go and for fear of the terrifying aftershocks. This is the worst tremor to hit the area in over 80 years!

This is devastating.

It’s more important than ever for us to build or rebuild a school in the area. They need us.

Please go to our official Sleepy Magic Everyday Hero Page if you would like to help.

Thank you thank you and feel free to email me.

Hug and kiss your children tight.

All my love
Danielle x

Author: Danielle Wright

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