Launch Party

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You have to love when events, people and places fall into place. Sweet serendipity.  The launch party to celebrate the birth of Sleepy Magic  just so happened to be on my actual birthday.  The room was filled with love and support. It felt wonderful to hold that pen in my hand and sign love notes to my friends and family.  I gave my first speech ever, I didn’t even speak at our wedding many moons ago. It’s amazing how when you speak from your heart how calm you are inside. People even laughed at my jokes (I think it was my jokes) and some cried with me when I spoke about our Sleepy Magic School.  The positive energy was palpable.  While taking in that moment I knew I was right where I need to be and doing what I needed to do.  I felt whole.  Thanks to everyone who made it a special night. xo

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Author: Danielle Wright

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