Sleepy Magic Highlights April – June

I am using a big machete to cut through the thick of the marketing/publishing world. Whoa it really is a jungle and whoever said writing a book was the easy part and getting it out there is the hard part is bloody right!  Learning in this world isn’t on a curve it’s on a roller coaster.

It’s been amazing how many people who hear my story want to help get Sleepy Magic out there into the hands of tired and frustrated parents. It’s thrilling to say that parents and kids are starting their own Sleepy Magic rituals all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK,  and Canada.

Some highlights over the past few months are presenting to (yes getting over my biggest fear – the dreaded public speaking!) and meeting some of you at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in May. It was wonderful to put faces and names from those of you I have connected with on Facebook.

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Presenting to (another step closer to conquering my fear) and meeting more of you at Deborah Beers Coffee, Chai and Chat in June where the lovely Anna won a copy of the book.










One of the biggest highlights is watching my boys faces light up when I tell them Sleepy Magic is in book stores or in a media article. This means we can reach a greater audience and be one step closer to building our school.  Yes a school!  Some of you may not know that if you have bought a book you are part of my Sleepy Magic Community. This means you are helping build a school in Nepal or I should say most likely rebuilding a school after the devastating earthquakes.  The impact we will have on these kids and their communities is HUGE.

Consider this: if every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty.

With the help of the proceeds from the book and individual donations from some gold hearted people we have now raised $5,735.19. You can check out the amount on the official Everyday Heroes Page or read up about my mission of charitable hearts here.

We are the change.  I can write this post and you can read it.  793 million people remain uneducated and illiterate — two thirds of whom are women and girls can’t read this.

On our book meter below I only coloured in one book over the last three months which makes me feel two things, grateful and determined.

booktower poster smaller


So thank you to all who are on this journey with me and my family.  Thank you for your generosity with your time and support in helping me spread the love and our mission.

I hope in the next three months I can colour in a lot more books than one.

Where are my troops?  I will need some help!   It’s simple. We are the change.

Author: Danielle Wright

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