Help your children sleep better with 3 simple tips

Tell me if this sounds familiar? The mention of “bedtime” causes your children to go berserk all of a sudden?

How is that possible when almost 30 seconds earlier they were so calm like angels?

I can totally relate. Mine would start to wrestle, become loud, run around, and stop listening.

Don’t worry! I have developed a secret secret weapon that ensures no matter how hyped up they are, in 15 minutes they will be calm and if not asleep very, very close to it.

Gone are the nights feeling exhausted at the thought of the negotiations, the bribes, the threats and the tension all associated with trying to get your children to bed.

My sons and I have created our own special ritual that has changed the dreaded bedtime into a time, place and space that is much calmer and loving.

After seeing the amazing difference it made, I wrote a book called Sleepy Magic to share with like-minded parents. It is a ritual that calms and prepares kids for sleep, connects and strengthens your relationship as well as teaching them to have a strong sense of well being, confidence, and inner harmony.

Combining meditation, affirmations, imagination, and an essential breathing technique, Sleepy Magic changed our household, and when my boys asked me to teach dad I knew this was bigger than just my family. Here are some of my tips on how to improve bedtime.

Tip one: It’s not just about the kids.

It’s about what you are bringing to bedtime as well. Are you frazzled, annoyed, frustrated and just plain over it when it comes to getting your kids in bed and asleep?

I find that the more uptight I became, the more they behave badly. I find if I am calm, centered and I refrain getting frustrated and start yelling at them they are much calmer themselves.

The moment I lose my cool it takes a much longer time to get them to settle. I also speak in a neutral, slow and soothing voice when I remind them to “brush your teeth, don’t pee with your seat down, get off each other, and stop running

Around, get your PJ’s off your head”. You know the drill. Works like a treat for them and my sanity.

Tip two: It’s all in the repetitive routine.

Why does Sleepy Magic work so well? One of the secret ingredients is the repetitiveness of it. There are five steps, and we do the five steps every night.

My boys know what we are going to do each night, and I believe this bring a lot of security and safety around bedtime and sleep.

By the time we do the third step that is breathing technique; they know no more talking, no more fidgeting.

After the breathing technique, they are calm and comfortable and prepared to fall asleep. I believe they feel very secure and safe when you create something special.

Tip three: It’s all in your imagination.

I am all for reading to your child. However, I have found making up a story from your imagination works wonders when connecting with your child. As a child, I am sure my parents read to me but the only one I remember is the one my Dad made up and told over and over again. It was special and our story!

In Sleepy Magic, I make this very easy for you because all the stories or meditations are repetitive (there is that word again). All you have to do is remember the basic structure then change the character or place to whatever you want. You will find your child will request certain scenarios he or she loves. I have made up almost 700 stories this way, and my boys ask for Sleepy Magic every single night. Now they think I am one clever mum!

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Author: Danielle Wright

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