Bird+Bone+Blood+Stone Series

“The divine feminine is the embodiment of wisdom, creativity, and love. It is through honoring the sacred feminine that we can restore balance and harmony in our relationships, our communities, and our planet.”
– Karen Armstrong

Bird+Bone+Blood+Stone’ is a conceptual photographic art series that captures the Divine Feminine’s potency, beauty, power and cyclical nature. Through intimate self-portraits, Danielle explores her connection to the feminine, tapping into 10 energies encompassing themes such as sensuality, vulnerability, vitality, rebirth, death, liberation, empowerment, spirituality, wildness, strength, connection, and intuition.

For Danielle, these archetypes are symbolic and tangible, a reminder of our innate connection with our bodies, our intuition, the earth, the cosmos and the unseen. To prepare for each portrait, Danielle used embodiment practices, meditation, shamanic journeying, drumming, music and movement to immerse herself into the energy she wanted to express fully, and then she captured the moment.

To add layers of texture, symbolism, and timelessness, Danielle used mixed media such as paint, ink, and collage, digitally composing the photographs into a painterly, otherworldly effect. Each original artwork has thread woven into the earth-toned, muted palette, bridging ancient and modern techniques of creating and story-telling. While Danielle’s imagery comes from a personal place of exploration, this series intends to bring her vision alive as both artist and subject and encourage thought, reflection, and emotional presence in the viewer. Ultimately lifting the veil on the mystery and power of the feminine.

All Artwork are signed original pieces.

Bird+Bone+Blood+Stone video from the Curl Curl Creative Space Exhibition

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