All women are mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all in the Southern Hemisphere and tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere.

I have been thinking that being a mother extends much further than just having little human beings to take care of.  All women are mothers and all mothers should be celebrated.

Many have furry children of the 4 legged kind. Many have beautiful gardens they tend to. Many look after their parents as they grow older. Many give birth to creative projects with visual art or words. Many care for extended family and friends.  Many are teachers, guardians, friends, lovers, caregivers, nurses, doctors, drivers, cooks, and cleaners.

Most women give their light to heal, guide, grow, love and care for others often putting everyone else in front of the line.

Women are special creatures. I celebrate and honour all of you including mother earth equally and not for just one day in May. Always.

You are brave
You are bold
You are kind
You are strong
You are love
You are gracious
You are courageous
You are divine
You are honoured
You are beautiful

Enough said.

All my love
Danielle x

Author: Danielle Wright

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