I wanted to dedicate a growing space where I can share things, people, places I love and that have guided me through my journey so far. Maybe it will inspire you to discover, seek and explore.

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My Current Reads

I love to read. In fact, I have to have a book waiting on my bedside table before I finish the current one. I half way through Goddess Never Age by the wonderful Dr. Christiane Northrup.  This woman is spot on about how we can empowered ourselves and embody ageless lives.  There are beautiful rituals, prayers, visualisations, programs throughout the book to guide us to embrace the Goddess we already are.  goddess never age
A book that has become my bible when it comes to learning about our Chakras system is Eastern Body/Western Mind by Anodea Judith.  It is an invaluable resource to help one understand, recognise, and heal imbalances, patterns, and habits that keep us from living the lives we deserve. She connects Western psychology and Eastern philosophy in a way that is easy to understand even if you haven’t a clue what a chakra is.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  I am reading it for the second time and use it as a reference for my own healing.

Books that inspired my soul

  • The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul by Danielle LaPorte
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to Lose your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson
  • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
  • The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teaching of Abraham by Esther Hicks
  • A New Earth: Create a Better Life by Eckhart Tolle
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
  • Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children by John Wood


I find if you are just starting out on your own meditation journey you may need a little help. I know I did and now I meditate up to 3 times a day (sometimes for 5 minutes sometimes for an hour). The more you practice the more benefits occur like healing, creative inspiration, calmness, less stress, happiness. This is why I am teaching my own children the amazing benefits early!

Guided meditations

Meditation books

  • Mind Calm: The Modern-Day Meditation – Sandy C. Newbigging

Seeking Self Help

Finding your true and whole self is an inside job and ultimately our own responsibility. However, sometimes we need help and support to get the answers we need to grow and change. Life can get so sticky it’s hard to swim up stream in mud and without a paddle. I am a massive believer in seeking help. Even now after I have changed my life to the one I want I still seek help. It’s finding the right people who resonate with you because one size does not fit all. You need to discover what works for you.


Deb_042Deborah Beers
Unit 8, 18 Alexander Street
Coogee NSW 2034

(m) +61 408 600 410

I had no idea what kinesiology was 4 years ago and it certainly was a game changer to my life as well as my family’s. In fact, Deborah is one of the main influencers for Sleepy Magic and I consider her my first spiritual teacher. My relationships, boundaries, passions, the way I am living my life now stem from sessions, meditations and workshops she runs throughout the year. Here is her background.

Deborah Beers has 16 years’ experience as a kinesiologist and an excellent understanding of Life’s greatest stressors…work, money, relationships and the desire to enjoy a healthy life. She offers you an opportunity for awareness of yourself at this point in time and your own unique solutions to get where you want to be. She loves to share with you lots of “take home” techniques and strategies to support yourself, has a common sense, bottom line approach to Spirit and a keen sense of humour.

Deborah offers a range of workshops and classes to share her knowledge and skills to larger groups of people, both at her Office and as a consultant to corporate. Her flagship training programs include Living Life Passionately – learn how to Live Your Life with Love, Commitment and Purpose; Ignite Your Heart – learn to live a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around, living a truly inspired Life; and Corporate Calm…enjoy the benefits of creating calm, clarity and focus in the workplace.

Deborah’s enthusiastic and inspired style leads clients to discover their true selves in a gentle, positive and supportive environment. Her key motivator and desire is to assist clients to create results, learn skills, knowledge and easy and effective support tools to use Every day. So, they can create and Live the Life they are Meant to Live.

Call Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email with any questions or to book an appointment. If Deborah can’t assist you she will happily refer you to someone who can.

Coach – Life, Personal and Health Issues

sarahSarah Nanclares, ACMC, ND
12 Junction St
Woollahra/Bondi Junction  NSW 2025

(m) +61 422 567 345

I love wholehearted people, especially ones who are passionate about bringing their wholeheartedness into their business. Sarah is an amazing coach who has helped people from all over find their authentic selves and purpose. I absolutely love what she does.

“My passion is using a whole-hearted approach to coach you to discover what you want, how to get it and then keep it. I also incorporate a cognitive behavioural coaching framework to support you to transform your inner fears that are keeping you stuck and repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour. As a result, you can experience tangible outcomes in your life. 

Here are just some of the things I have been working on with clients: improved self confidence so they can go for the job they really want, starting a new business, self-esteem so they can step into their authentic self, weight loss, attracting and keep the love of their life, being more assertive, being able to say ‘No’, dealing with difficult people, discovering their life purpose, overcoming procrastination so they can be more effective in their life. 

The only thing between where you are now and the life you want, is you – we can create that change together one conversation at a time.” – Sarah Nanclares

Call Sarah on +61 422 567 345 or email with any questions or to book an appointment. If Sarah can’t assist you she will happily refer you to someone who can.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

taniasquareTania Grasseschi
Suite 2, 372 Anzac Pde
Kingsford  NSW 2032

(m) +61 412 152 928


I must admit I am not great with needles, and it took a bit of convincing for me to get into acupuncture.  However, after discussing with a friend how I noticed how irritable and cranky I had become that one week leading up to my cycle. I wasn’t always this way, and it took me awhile to make the connection.  I was over it, my poor husband (who was taking the brunt of my crankiness and still loved me) was over it and no doubt my two sons were confused by it.  She suggested seeing Tania for some acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help my body, mind and spirit shift that energy.  Well, I got over my fear of needles very quickly, within short time span I noticed a huge difference in my monthly moods.  She had also worked a miracle when I pulled my back out.  She is the real deal, loves what she does and is very nurturing in her approach to her clients needs.

Tania is an Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with over 15 years of clinical experience and is dedicated to helping you feel fantastic by applying the time honoured wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Tania specialises in women’s health and has helped many women improve their monthly cycles and make an easy transition through Menopause. She has assisted couples with fertility and supported women through their pregnancy. Tania also uses specially modified, gentle acupuncture techniques for babies and children to develop better immunity, digestion and sleep. 

Further Tania helps people release their stress and better cope with depression and anxiety using a style of Esoteric Acupuncture. 

Call Tania on +61 412 152 928 or email with any questions or to book an appointment. If Tania can’t assist you she will happily refer you to someone who can.

Certified Nutritionist + Founder of Chakredy™
Chakra Assessment Trainings + Vibrational Remedies

alexisAlexis Saloutos, MS, CN
3417 Evanston Ave N #428
Seattle, WA 98103

(m) +1 206 383 0930

I found Alexis at the end of last year right before the book was about to go to print and whoa was I having some self-doubt.  I felt it in my gut!  Well I practice what I preach and instead of sitting with that feeling and not moving forward I contacted her to help me shift the energy. It was the first time I have had a remote session via Skype and it was truly amazing.  I felt the energy shift and had a good old cry. Since then my self-worth is bright and blazing.

Alexis Saloutos is the founder of Chakredy™, a vibrational remedy line that supports the chakras and organ energies. Her work addresses deep energetic shifts that translate into mental, emotional and physical transformation. With two nutrition degrees and a mile long list of credentials, Alexis’ greatest accomplishments are her beautiful family and divinely inspired creations. She is devoted to bringing an authentic perspective to energy medicine, making it simple, accessible and fun.


Alexis has an international outreach, training other like hearted professionals in her chakra assessment method and is consistently blown away by the profound impact healing vibrations have on the body and spirit.

For more information about Chakredy™ vibrational remedies and practitioner trainings visit her website here:

Communication and Mindset Specialist

TFN_Logo_RGB-HiResKarina Meacham
The Family Wellness Center,
Shop 1, 33-35 Kentwell Road
Allambie Heights, 2100

(m) +61 418 589 579

I believe everyone, including our children, need extra support when navigating our lives, especially in difficult times.  While sometimes I feel I have this parenting thing down pat, there are other moments when it can be a complete mystery mind field. There are certain situations I have no idea how to handle by myself or know what the best solution is for the health and happiness of my boys.  That is why I love Karina’s wholehearted approach to helping and healing families by communication, commitment and connection. She also does remote sessions via Skype and helps families blossom instead of blowing up!

Karina is a family consultant specialising in communication and mindset who has over 15yrs experience working with families as a paediatric RN.

Her expertise lies in being able to accurately identify a family’s reasons for dysfunction and work with them to design strategies and solutions that are specific to each member’s needs, leading to a connected, happy and highly functional family.

Essentially Karina helps guide families through the process of creating their ideal family blueprint. The variety of techniques Karina uses, facilitates the process of individual healing, growth and empowerment.

Karina prides herself on designing a package that is very specific to the needs and desires of each individual family and is incredibly committed to walking beside her clients as they begin the process of transforming their family relationships.

Call Karina on +61 418 589 579 or email with any questions or to book an appointment. If Karina can’t assist you she will happily refer you to someone who can.

My weekly Self Care – non negotiable passions

I have found that tending to my self-care passions are just as important as taking care of others. This is a hard lesson to learn especially when you become a mum. However, once you start to do what lights you up you soon realise how important it is to make time for your passions. For me they have become non-negotiable because they fill me up with such joy. When I am in a better space my family is in a better space.

My drawing class: Waverley-Woollahra Art School

wall-of-drawingsI have always been visually creative but my drawing skills sucked! I wanted to get back into the arts outside of what I did for work but I always made excuses about time to do it. When I started on this spiritual journey a few years back I decided to make time. It opened my creative mind tremendously and changed my long battle with perfectionism. I go once a week for a 3-hour class and I have even gotten brave enough to hang my pieces in my studio for anyone to see. Huge breakthrough for my self-worth.

My horse riding: Eastside Riding Academy

horseI grew up in the mountains of Colorado and was fortunate enough to start a love affair with horse riding at an early age. It was few and far between when I made the time to ride in my adult life. Last year, I made the decision (my sign – Year of Horse in Chinese Zodiac) I would ride once a week and I love it. I feel free, brave and challenged.

Unlocking Creativity

My writing course: The Writers’ Studio 

After my 6 months hiatus from leaving my business I was desperate to find my creative mojo (20 years in an advertising business didn’t leave a whole lot). I wanted to try something different and put myself way beyond my comfort zone. And this was coming from a dyslexic! Hello why put myself in the firing line to be humiliated? I didn’t take the course to become a writer per se it was to unlock my creativity to art and tame my inner critic. It was one of my best and most challenging experiences to date and has led to me writing and publishing my first of many books.

My writer’s circle: The  Writers Circle

Whether you are writing your first novel or a blog and need inspiration Megan Dalla-Camina’s Writer’s Circle is perfect. I saw Megan speak at a Hay House Writers Conference and knew right there and then I was going to meet her someday. Month’s later serendipity stepped in and I ended up taking her 8 week workshop while finishing up Sleepy Magic. She has created a warm and supported environment for women to bond, share, unblock, create, learn and grow. I met 6 incredible writers who inspired me to keep pushing forward.  Big ticks this one!

My favourite Blogs and Websites with big heartfelt and healing messages

Interested in realigning yourself with the Rhythm of the Planet through the cycles in the moon? I love Rebekah Shaman’s newsletter.

A wonderful resource for parents who want to learn about your child’s chakras and which ones may be out of balance.  Joy has a free child specific chakra assessment checklist that is designed to find out how your child energy works and what you can do to rebalance them.

I know I don’t have little babies anymore but I wish I had resources as beautiful and real as this when I was pre and post natal.  Lots of great information and shared stories. Wanted to pass on to all my divine mommy followers.

I love products and people who have a higher purpose. Not only do these flip flops leave beautiful and positive messages in the sand while you are strolling along the beach watching the sunset but each purchase buys a child in poverty a pair of shoes. When I met Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco, I thought, wow this lady is incredible.  She oozes passion, purpose and we have a lot in common wanting to help children in need. She has been very inspiring to me and my our journey with our Sleepy Magic school. Here is a little bio on Moeloco.


Moeloco is a purchase with purpose brand.

Our first product is the Moeloco flip flop which leaves an inspiring imprint in the sand. Each Moeloco purchase buys a child in poverty a pair of school shoes through a collaboration with the Hope Foundation.

This one for one business model allows children the opportunity to access education and avoid the injury and health issues caused by lack of footwear.

We are taking small steps to big change and hope you will be part of this journey with us. As our business grows, the footprint we leave becomes larger and we can collectively have an impact to reduce poverty. To read our story and purchase your Moelocos go to