All women are mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all in the Southern Hemisphere and tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere.

I have been thinking that being a mother extends much further than just having little human beings to take care of.  All women are mothers and all mothers should be celebrated.

Many have furry children of the 4 legged kind. Many have beautiful gardens they tend to. Many look after their parents as they grow older. Many give birth to creative projects with visual art or words. Many care for extended family and friends.  Many are teachers, guardians, friends, lovers, caregivers, nurses, doctors, drivers, cooks, and cleaners.

Most women give their light to heal, guide, grow, love and care for others often putting everyone else in front of the line.

Women are special creatures. I celebrate and honour all of you including mother earth equally and not for just one day in May. Always.

You are brave
You are bold
You are kind
You are strong
You are love
You are gracious
You are courageous
You are divine
You are honoured
You are beautiful

Enough said.

All my love
Danielle x

My heart aches for Nepal

I am in tears of sadness this morning.

I have been in a remote part of Australia and have just seen the news about this devastating news of a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake in Nepal.  This is where we are working so hard to raise the funds for our Sleepy Magic School (if you haven’t read up about our project go to The Gold Light Project)

The reports I am hearing are that the death toll exceeds 1,300 people and this will rise, 18 climbers were found dead after a avalanche was triggered, others are trapped.  Dozens of buildings have collapsed –  this means schools. God knows how many families had to sleep on the street last night and will continue to do so because there is nowhere to go and for fear of the terrifying aftershocks. This is the worst tremor to hit the area in over 80 years!

This is devastating.

It’s more important than ever for us to build or rebuild a school in the area. They need us.

Please go to our official Sleepy Magic Everyday Hero Page if you would like to help.

Thank you thank you and feel free to email me.

Hug and kiss your children tight.

All my love
Danielle x

March Money for our Sleepy Magic School

It’s time to tell you what we have raised so far for The Gold Light Project in the past month. As some of you may or may not know the Sleepy Magic Community is building a school in a developing country with a wonderful charity called Room to Read.

The aim of The Gold Light Project is to help your children build their self-worth and grow their beautiful gold light from the inside out by teaching them the richness of a charitable heart. And in return they will help other children in a developing country grow their self-worth through education. It’s a win-win for all of our children here, there and everywhere.

What have we done so far to raise money?

Well, a number of ways:

  • 10% of all proceeds from the book go straight towards our school.
  • Donations from some amazing people straight to the Everyday Hero page
  • And the Room to Read Charity Gala 20/3/15

Can I tell you how blown away I am with the generosity of people and the help I am getting for this project to get off the ground.

Thank you to each of you who has purchased a Sleepy Magic book or 2 or 10. Amazing!

Thank you to all of those special people who have made one off donations straight to the Everyday Hero page.

And a very special thank you to the Dalzell Family for donating a whooping $3,000 at the Room to Read Charity Gala for our Sleepy Magic School. You are extraordinary.  Still have tears.  Just look at how happy I am when I told John Wood, the founder of Room to Read, what the Dalzell family raised for our project on the Gala night.

So without further adieu.  Drumroll please……..We have raised a total of: $4,886.37  
THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I am so excited and thrilled.

Just so you are aware I have added the 10% of the March book donations on to the Everyday Hero page but the money raised at the Gala will not be shown. I have deducted it from the overall amount we need to raise.

What’s happening over the next few months…

My friends and I busy putting together our first charity event at the beginning of May.
There will be a Sleepy Magic Stall at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Sydney from May 28th-31st
Details to follow.

Big plans in the next months I better get back to work.  If you would like to contact me about Sleepy Magic or The Gold Light Project please email me on

All love,

Fabulous family feedback

Wow I have to share what an amazing month it has been since kicking off Sleepy Magic. The support is flooding in and so are the results from parents who have read the book and now starting their own beautiful rituals with their children. Loving the feedback.

“I have just read your book given to me by my dear friend – Jess.  I loved it and found it so inspirational. I have cut out the affirmations and are starting to use on one of my kids. I can’t wait to use on all 3 of my kids. I will definitely be passing the word around to my friends about Sleepy Magic!! It was great xx Thanks”
– Michelle, Mother of 3, ages 10, 8, and 5

Yea Michelle! I am over the Sleepy Magic moon about this.

And it just gets better. Yesterday, I received the most wonderful gifts from a 4 year old girl who has been doing Sleepy Magic with her mom.  I do not know them.  She drew these beautiful pictures in Deborah Beers (my kinesiologist) office while her mother was having a session and wanted me to have them.  One is the Story of the Rainbow Bears from the book, another is my house with a rainbow in it (which is true) and of course the last one is a pirates hat (how did she know I love Johnny Depp?) and inside is a picture of me (looking good) and the artist signature.  I cried.  I have hung them proudly in my studio. Thank you little stranger you are beautiful and talented. I hope we meet one day.

Now it’s your turn, if you have bought the book and using it with your children I would love to hear from you. Please email me at 

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet don’t be shy, you can grab one here!

At the end of each month, I will be happily announcing how much the Sleepy Magic Community has raised for our school. We are off to such an awesome start that I am busting to tell you.  Let’s change some lives!!

All love,

4GR Big Breakfast Radio Interview

A week ago I did my first radio interview and I wanted to share it to shed some light on the book. Before the interview I did the breathing exercise from Sleepy Magic and a 10 minute meditation. I felt remarkable calm considering two days before I had a mini meltdown. The hosts were very gracious even when I messed up one of their names. No one told me! Yikes.

Launch Party

photo 1-2

You have to love when events, people and places fall into place. Sweet serendipity.  The launch party to celebrate the birth of Sleepy Magic  just so happened to be on my actual birthday.  The room was filled with love and support. It felt wonderful to hold that pen in my hand and sign love notes to my friends and family.  I gave my first speech ever, I didn’t even speak at our wedding many moons ago. It’s amazing how when you speak from your heart how calm you are inside. People even laughed at my jokes (I think it was my jokes) and some cried with me when I spoke about our Sleepy Magic School.  The positive energy was palpable.  While taking in that moment I knew I was right where I need to be and doing what I needed to do.  I felt whole.  Thanks to everyone who made it a special night. xo

mikewhole roomphoto-12autographsstephfeetansigning outsidephoto 4 signing 2autographs2


7 ways to teach kids about self-worth through your flaws

I am not a journalist, I am not a blogger, I am not sure I feel comfortable saying I am a writer… but I will.

The BIG REVEAL – writing does not come easy to me. In fact, I am dyslexic. Yep and I wrote a book and now I am writing this. It will take me ages, I will have to write, re-read, write and re-read for what will seem like a million times. The challenge I have is that I do not jumble letters like a typical dyslexic, I jumble my thoughts. Rush them on the page, sometimes out of my mouth. Sometimes those thoughts can be unclear and incomprehensible which drives my husband a little nutty. For me they make perfect sense, however, when someone else reads the sentence it’s a red hot “what the hell does that mean” mess.

As a teen, I was clever enough to hide my “not so smart” flaw but the fear of letting others in on my secret left a sticky unworthy residue on my heart. I didn’t realise how much damage it was doing and would progressively do for years to come.

“She slipped through the cracks” one of my teachers explained to my parents in my senior year! Well it felt more like I slipped into a frickin’ crevasse that Bear Grylls would have avoided at all costs. I worked really hard, frustratingly hard at basic subjects and I rebelled with bad and self-destructive behavior at home. Self-worth slump! My poor parents.

It wasn’t until I took a photography course that I had an ‘AH HA’ moment. I was visually creative! And eventually this passion led to me having a successful career in Advertising for over 20 years.

Even though my flaw led me to one of my biggest career achievements, the sticky, unworthy residue of fear remained and because of it I became a perfectionist, people pleaser and panicker. Oh my!

Upon reflection and some serious self-care over the past few years I have mellowed out; even turned around my 3 pesky p’s (perfectionist, people pleaser and panicker).

That’s another story for another time!

Let me get back on the dyslexic track.

I finally acknowledged the profoundness of this fear when it took 3 months to show my husband the first draft of Sleepy Magic – all 12 pages of it. But once I did it, my flaw didn’t seem to matter as much. Something clicked. I thought I can do this! I faced a fear, worked my tail off and slowly put our beautiful ritual into my own words to share with the world.

This is what I have learned and am still learning about my flaws and failing, and how I can teach my own boys that what they may think are flaws can be their greatest asset and gift. It all comes down to how they feel about themselves. It comes down to their self-worth.

  1. Shift your thinking around a “flaw”. To you it’s the biggest, most obvious thing. But to others it’s nothing not even a blip on their radar unless you let it be. It’s your choice how you handle your perceived “flaw”. Work with it and embrace it. Work it out and change it. Or worry about it and see how that ends up working for you. It’s your attitude around the flaw that either makes it bigger than Ben Hur or not a flaw at all.
  2. You actually can’t fail at anything so don’t fear it. Each step along the way in life is just a step and it always leads forward even if it sometimes seems to go back. Each moment is a lesson and it sucks when you are going through the crappy ones. The trick is to learn from each one. If you don’t get the lesson the first time the universe will keep throwing you curve balls until you do so pay attention.
  3. Ask yourself ‘what are you proud of’ everyday. It’s amazing how tapping into this thought proess adds a new perspective on how you want to leave your mark on the world. You certainly start to realise how much or how little you are truly proud of and what is important in your life. You focus on your intentions for the greatest good and less on you.
  4. It’s guaranteed zillions of others have made the same mistakes so your not alone. Trust that people are so focused on their own issues that the mistakes you make become yesterdays news as fast as you can say ‘yesterdays news’. Don’t beat yourself up, forgive yourself and move forward.
  5. You are the only one who has the power to clean the unworthy residue that may stick to your heart. No person, place or thing can fix this for you, it is an inside job. Ultimately, it’s your choice to shrink or shine but this doesn’t mean doing it alone. Always seek out others to help you when you need it. There are lots of wonderful people in the world to support you.
  6. You are unique. Celebrate this and stop comparing yourself to your best mate, a stranger, or worse celebrities! You are the celebrity in your own life. Being talented or smart comes in many forms and what matters is finding what makes your heart sing. It’s your journey. Same same is boring. Different is grand.
  7. What you focus on grows. If you focus on the flaw it will grow and if you focus on what brings you joy, makes your heart go boom the more those feelings will grow. Give anything and everything a try because you have no idea which one will take your fancy. And when it happens follow it, grow it and trust it. This can lead to being your gift to the world.

So here I am writing, sharing and cracking myself open in the scariest way. This is not natural for me, but with anything I believe in I will work through it and have the faith it will get easier. If you have a passion nothing will get in your way. I have accepted my short comings, embraced my fear of being exposed and realise this is about embracing me, accepting me. This is part of my journey.

Lastly, I can say I did it with my heart and soul, I gave it a ‘red hot go’ and mama I’m proud I did it and so are my boys.