“I’m a Mother and an author committed to helping parents and their children build self-worth, claim their true value and teach that the richness of life does radiate from the inside out”.

Do you feel exhausted at the thought of the negotiations, the bribes, the threats and the tension all associated with trying to get your boys to bed?

Would you like to become more connected with your boys, strengthen your relationship and send them off to sleep calmly and peacefully?

Are you searching for a way to give them a strong sense of well-being, confidence and self-worth?

And very importantly, do you want to reclaim your evenings?

Imagine if you could….

“Magically transform your boys in to calm, connected and confident kids!”

Danielle opens the door to this possibility in her compelling keynote “Sleepy Magic Secrets”, sharing a ritual that is transforming the lives of parents and their children.

Danielle walks you through a unique evening experience bedtime that helps young children (3-10 years) settle easily into a calm and loving state, develop inner harmony and gratitude through the invaluable lesson of how what you focus on grows.

And yes, this also allows parents to reclaim their own peaceful evenings as well!

Sleepy Magic is a simple step-by-step night-time sleep ritual that combines, meditation, affirmations, imagination, and an essential breathing technique.

In this presentation, Danielle shares two powerful and important techniques from her book that every Parent or Caregiver can start to use straight away to build their childrens’ self-worth and create calmness that is a wonderful benefit for them and your family and that, in time, contributes to the greater good of the world.

How did Sleepy Magic come about?

danielle-wrightMeet Danielle Wright. Mother of 2 young boys.

In 2012 the pressure and guilt of juggling being a good mother, wife and business owner became too much. She left her hectic advertising business of 12 years because something shifted in her. She knew she wanted different and deeper from her life and she realised she was only one who could do something about it.

Through her own transformation, Sleepy Magic was born and her relationship with her sons began to deepen. It has become an integral part of her family life and she has joyfully witnessed the profound positive impact it has had on her children’s self-worth.

And now she wants to share her secret. It’s a kind of magic that anyone can create.

Danielle and her book Sleepy Magic will give you tools to help your children become calm, connected and confident.

To engage Danielle to speak at your next event, please contact her publicist Judy Jamieson-Green at judy.jamiesongreen@gmail.com or 0426 989 227.

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