The #1 bestselling book that’s boosting children’s self-worth, helping them sleep better, and letting parents reclaim their evenings!

Thousands of parents have used Sleepy Magic to create a more peaceful, connected night-time routine with their kids. Are you one of them?

#1 Amazon Bestseller. As featured on ABC Radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail & more.

“A magical touch to enjoy going to sleep” – The Daily Telegraph


Hey there! I’m Danielle Wright.
I’m an Author, Speaker & Mama,
and I’m on a mission to help people cultivate self-worth through words and education.

Self-worth. It’s the most important thing you can instil in your children… & yourself.

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Alfie the Angelfish & the Great Escape

Even the most unexpected fish can be a hero…

Getting into trouble is what Alfie does best. So it’s no surprise when he finds himself stuck in a tight spot. What is a surprise however, is who helps him to escape…

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Have your kids experienced Sleepy Magic yet?

  • I took an hour off yesterday to read your book from cover to cover and the boys love it.  Jamie told me this morning he slept really well, had no bad dreams and felt very calm going to sleep, his creative mind was blank and they both asked for it again tonight, such a beautiful ritual. Love it.  Can’t wait for it to work on my 2 year old!

    — Minette, mother of 3 boys aged 7, 6 and 2
  • As a children’s technology and brain researcher I understand how important sleep is for a child’s healthy development. I’ve had the privilege of seeing, first-hand with my own son, how the rituals in Danielle’s book have helped my son to not only improve his sleep habits, but they’ve also had the unexpected benefit of improving his emotional awareness. I highly recommend Danielle’s book to parents who are looking for a peaceful and practical solution to improving their children’s sleep habits.

    — Dr. Kristy Goodwin – Founder of Every Chance to Learn and mother of two sons, aged 4 and 19 months
  • My son responded to Sleepy Magic straight away. The first time I had to read through 2 of the stories but I was astounded at the way it made him feel relaxed and ready for sleep. This was the first time in years he fell asleep without getting out of bed several times. My son continued to get out of his bed in the middle of the night, but after a week, he was sleeping through the entire night!!!!!!!! He was using the breathing techniques when he woke up and putting himself back to sleep!!!

    We look forward to sleepy Magic every night now. I love hearing about what my son is proud of for that particular day and he listens to what I am proud of in my day. We breathe and relax together so that we both have excellent sleep and we both feel much better. Sleepy Magic is my saviour and the best thing that has ever happened to us.

    — Luke, father of one son aged 5
  • My initial thoughts when I read through the book were literally that it was so beautiful. The look and feel of it; the illustrations; the wording – all of it is beautiful. I actually got a little emotional thinking that this would be incorporated into our nighttime routine. We have only been using it a week and my kids are already asking for it and looking forward to it every night, even though they were initially resistant. As the name suggests, it really does have a sprinkling of magic within.

    — Danielle Wicks, mother of two daughters, aged 3 and 5

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